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We are bringing to your attention the presentation of BFA Bank. For the convenience of our web-site visitors we’ve created a presentation that will in several minutes’ time give you a complete idea of the bank. The presentation covers the key information about the Bank’s activities, such as: critical development stages of BFA Bank, its strategic partners, major business areas, terms of services for private and corporate clients, as well as the key performance indicators of the Bank.

Annual report 2011
BFA Bank is being developed intensively. The Bank team seeks to make full use of the emerging opportunities associated with the restoration of economic activity in order to expand the Bank’s lines of business and maintain a dynamic movement to the set strategic goals concerning establishment of a universal commercial bank focusing on corporate clients. We are pleased that our clients positively respond to the changes in the Bank’s activity - we became more recognizable as a credit institution, and this primarily reflects the qualitative results of our work.

Annual report 2010
Annual report 2010

Annual report 2009
We would like to present BFA Bank’s performance report for 2009 – a period when the Bank managed not only to fight through every hardship without losses, but also to expand its business in all directions. The report embraces Russia’s banking sector situation analysis, a review of the Bank’s leading business lines, financial and performance results for 2009, as well as the strategic objectives of the Bank until 2015.

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