Novostroyjka program

The loan is granted for the acquisition of an apartment at the primary real estate market in the apartment building under construction (secured against the right of demand). The object shall comply with the Bank requirements.

Lending conditions:

  • loan term is from 5 to 25 years (inclusively)
  • currency of loan is Russian rubles
  • minimum loan amount is RUB 1,000 000
  • maximum loan amount is not limited
  • minimum loan down payment is 20% of the cost of the apartment being acquired
  • no fee for the assessment of application processing
  • no fee for loan granting
  • prior repayment of loan without limitations
  • minimum payment amount at prior repayment of loan is RUB 30,000
  • no fee for the prior repayment of loan

Standard annual loan interest rates*

Loan term
5 to 10 years
10 to 15 years 15 to 20 years 20 to 25 years
down payment from 20% (inclusively) to 30% (inclusively)
13,00% 13,25% 13,50% 13,75%
down payment from 30% to 50% (inclusively) 12,75% 13,00% 13,25% 13,50%
down payment over 50%
12,50% 12,75% 13,00% 13,25%
*Until the moment the apartment construction is ended, the title is registered and the given apartment is pledged in favour of BFA Bank, the loan interest rate is set at 1% higher as mentioned above.

The Borrower shall assure that the apartment being acquired is insured against the risk of loss and/or damage following the registration of the apartment as the property of the Borrower.
The insurance of life and earning capacity of the Borrower serves as an additional collateral for the real estate loan repayment.
Should a real estate loan be chosen without provision of an additional collateral in the form of insurance of life andearning capacity, the interest rates are set as standard annual interest rates+ 3,5%.

The list of the objects that comply with the Bank requirements:

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Saint-Petersburg, 197101, Russia
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