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BFA Online is a system of remote banking services for private customers which allows to manage your account any time you like using the computer. BFA Online is accessed via BFA website with a browser and requires no additional software.
The main advantage of Internet banking BFA Online system is an opportunity to make banking transactions without visiting the bank office - you just go to our website.

Connection to BFA Online is free. To connect, you should:
  • have an account at BFA Bank
  • contact any office of the Bank with an ID document and sign an application for the service provision
  • get a login and an envelope with a temporary password,
  • choose how to confirm transactions - with the help of one-time password via sms or scratch card session keys,
  • log in BFA Online by link on site, enter username, change the temporary password and start working with the system.
An important feature of BFA Online safety is confirmation of transactions with one-time passwords of scratch-card session keys or received via SMS messages, which allows to keep secret the information of client’s transactions and protects against unauthorized access to bank accounts. For more information about the safe use of Internet banking system BFA Online, see  Security and confidentiality.

Wherever you are, BFA Online makes access to personal accounts the most convenient and quick. Internet banking system BFA Online allows to:
  • obtain reference information on the status of accounts, account statements,
  • transfer funds between your accounts and the accounts of third parties within the Bank,
  • transfer funds to other banks within the Russian Federation,
  • replenish deposits,
  • conversion operations,
  • recall of previously sent orders
  • correspondence with the Bank.
Security and confidentiality
To ensure information security in BFA Online system various tools and methods of information security are used - from password protection to protection systems based on modern cryptographic protocols and algorithms that implement encryption and digital signature. BFA Bank is constantly working to ensure the safe use of the remote service. Giving you the most complete confidentiality of transactions is one of our key objectives. BFA Online includes the following means to ensure confidentiality of transactions carried out in the system:
  • Username - a unique sequence of numbers entered into the system which allows to uniquely identify you;
  • Password - a secret set of characters, known only to you, which is used to log into the system;
  • Equivalent of a handwritten signature - digital security code, depending on your choice presented in the form of:
    • one-time password that is passed to you by the Bank in the SMS message, which is a sequence of characters and used to confirm the payment transaction;
    • one-time key contained in the scratch card of session keys, which is a sequence of characters and used to confirm the payment transaction.
Access to the system is carried out on the Internet through a secure connection via SSL (Secure Socket Layer).
Warning!!! If you lost your scratch card of session keys, or you become aware that someone has gained access to your password, scratch card of session keys, SMS message, containing a one-time password, please report it to the bank by number +7 (812) 458-54-54, and via the Bank site or via BFA Online.

For payments via BFA Online a preferential fee is set:
  • transfer of funds to the accounts of individuals and entities opened in the Bank – fee is not charged;
  • transfer of funds in rubles to other credit institutions - 0.5%, min. 30 rubles, max. 1000 rubles;
  • operations related to payments to government tax and customs agencies, state budget funds, as well as payments of charitable nature - fee is not charged.
For more information of fees for services using BFA Online see Tariffs and contract base.

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