Mutual investment funds  

BFA Bank provides an opportunity to perform transactions with mutual investment funds  shares managed by BFA Asset Management.

Investing in mutual investment funds  is one of the most common methods of allocation of funds among private and corporate investors. The main reason for the great popularity of mutual investment funds is in their simplicity, openness and accessibility of this method of allocation of available funds. Moreover, mutual investment funds  is the best financial instrument which does not require much time and expenses, for example, for individual investment in the stock market.

Mutual investment funds – are the combined funds of multiple  clients (members) that the asset management company invests in stocks, bonds and other financial market instruments, in accordance with the investment declaration of fund to generate income. Investing in mutual investment fund , investors get their share of its investment portfolio.,. Shares of the mutual investment funds , as well as other securities can be bought, sold, transferred by inheritance. It is also possible to exchange shares  for shares  of other funds within the same  asset management company, if it is provided by the rules of the fund. The cost of the share of the fund, as well as securities can vary depending on the situation in the market.
You can find more information on mutual investment funds on the site of  BFA Asset Management .

BFA Bank acts as agent for the issuance and redemption of investment shares of the mutual funds of BFA AM:
  • interval stock mutual fund OPLOT-Metallurgy.
  • interval stock mutual fund OPLOT-Power Industry;
  • interval stock mutual fund OPLOT
  • open-ended fund of bonds Finansist;
  • open-ended hybrid mutual fund Titan;
  • open-ended stock mutual fund STOIK;
  • open-ended index mutual fund BFA AM–MICEX index
  • open-ended stock mutual fund STOIK-Oil and Gas;
  • open-ended stock mutual fund STOIK-Telecommunication;
  • open-ended stock mutual fund STOIK - Metallurgy and Engineering Industry
  • open-ended stock mutual fund STOIK-Consumer Sector;
  • open-ended stock mutual fund STOIK - Power Industry.

You can buy shares of these  mutual funds in the following BFA Bank offices in Saint-Petersburg:
  • Head office (36A Petrogradskaya Emb., Lincor business center);
  • Additional office Vaileostrovsky (48/27A Sredny Pr. V.O.);
  • Additional office Primorsky ( 126A Savushkina Str.);
  • Lending and Cash Services office Krasnye Kholmy (Moscow, 52/5 Kosmodamianskaya Emb.).

Please note:
BFA AM. License of  FCSM of Russia for management of investment funds, mutual investment funds and  non-state pension funds No. 21-000-1-00091 of 15.11.2002.
The regulations of asset management of interval stock mutual fund OPLOT-Metallurgy " registered by FCSM of Russia on 31.05.07 under No. 0836-75409592. The regulations of asset management of interval stock mutual fund OPLOT-Power Industry registered by FCSM of Russia on 31.05.07 under No. 0833-75409356.
The value of mutual funds shares may increase or decrease, the results of investment in the past do not determine future results, the state does not guarantee return on investment in mutual investment funds.  Before you buy a share of a mutual fund, you should carefully review the regulations of asset  management of mutual investment funds. Charging of rebates and allowances reduces the profitability of investments in mutual funds.
Prior to the acquisition of shares of mutual investment funds, you can get detailed information about mutual investment funds  and read the Regulations of asset management, as well as other documents at the address: 36A Petrogradskaya Emb., 197101, St. Petersburg, Russia, tel. + 7 (812) 329-15-99 and in the Internet at:

(812) 458-54-54
36A Petrogradskaya emb.
Saint-Petersburg, 197101, Russia
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