20 Apr 2012

BFA Bank summarizes the results of its activity for the first half of 2012

BFA Bank has published the results of its activity during the first half of 2012. As of April 1 of the current year the assets of the Bank (calculated with application of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation methodology) exceeded RUB 36.3 billion, the growth in 3 months made up 22%. The equity capital of BFA Bank made up RUB 6.1 billion. The loan portfolio volume for the first half increased by 47% to RUB 16.3 billion.
“The assets volume is increased in the frame of the Bank’s plans  to build-up the business, to increase  the market share and to join the hundred largest of credit institutions in the country”, states Denis Gumerov, the Chairman of the Management Board of BFA Bank. In accordance with February results, BFA Bank joined the top 100 banks in terms of  assets and is going to proceed with a further growth of main indicators by increasing the rates of business development during the year”.

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