25 Jan 2012

BFA Bank finances construction of Leontievsky Mys complex

BFA Bank and Leontievsky Mys LLC signed an agreement to open a credit line for up to 2015. Credit funds will be allocated to construction of Leontievsky Mys multifunctional elite residential complex " at 45 Zhdanovskaya Str. in Petrogradsky district of St. Petersburg. Completion of the complex is planned for the IV quarter of 2013. Subsequently, the Bank plans to raise funds of up to 2 billion rubles to finance the facility.

The total area of Leontievsky Mys will be 60 thousand square meters of residential and 16 thousand square meters of commercial areas. The complex is designed for 399 apartments, including apartments with various sizes - from one-bedroom apartments to seven-room luxury apartments. Leontievsky Mys is a result of collaboration of Studio 17 Architectural Bureau , State Research Institute of Urbanism and YOO architectural bureau headed by the international design star Philippe Starck. This creative union managed to design a residential complex, seamlessly combining the best traditions of the grand architecture of imperial St. Petersburg and instances of advanced European design trends. The objective of the project is to ensure maximum comfort of residence, for which experience of building luxury homes in New York, London, Moscow, Sydney, and Dubai is used.

"When considering an application for funding the construction site, we carefully evaluate the developer and prospects of the future facility. In our opinion the potential of Leontievsky Mys residential complex  will provide customers a high interest to the facility, - the Chairman of the Management Board of BFA Bank Denis Gumerov said. - In addition, we expect that the cooperation of BFA Bank and Leontievsky Mys will be continued. In the spring of 2012, we plan to launch joint mortgage programs. "
BFA Bank offers a wide range of services for for private and corporate clients. The Bank was founded on November 5, 1993 and registered by the Bank of Russia on August 4, 1994. In 2011, Expert  Rating Agency assigned the Bank the A level credit rating “”, which means High reliability. According to Interfax-CEA as of October 1. 2012, BFA Bank ranks 9 by assets volume and 6 by equity in the ranking of Russian banks registered in St. Petersburg. On  December 1, 2011 the Bank assets were 25.17 billion rubles, the Bank capital reached 6.25 billion rubles.

Leontievsky Mys LLC is an investor-developer of Leontievsky Mys residential complex. "Also, the main members in the project are the Customer and General Contractor of NPF Test LLC, General Designer Company Studio 17 Architectural bureau.
Leontievsky Mys complex " is a multifunctional complex of residential and public buildings, located on Zhdanovskaya Street of Petrograd district of St. Petersburg. Residential premises are located in a compound complex, consisting of 10 -, 11 -, 12 - and 13-storey sections. The facility also includes a fitness center, three-level closed parking lot, combining the fitness center and residential buildings into a single complex. Commissioning is planned for the IV quarter of 2013.

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